Why You Need To Stop Eating Peanut Butter Now!

Why You Need To Stop Eating Peanut Butter Now!

Nah! We made a mistake. You should never stop eating peanut butter. Wherever you look, it seems as if the peanut butter is the glue holding the world together. Just because it’s everywhere, doesn’t mean you should dare to discount its nutritional prowess. While they may be telling you a lie because everyone knows this legume is not a nut. They have an uncommonly high nutritional density that you may be underappreciating when you lather it upon your toast. These are the things you can look forward to each time you crack open a jar of the good stuff.


They’ll help you get leaner

They’re the kind of food alternative that seriously improves your blood sugar levels for the better. This means that the more you eat, the less of you there will be. Over the course of five years, people who ate the most nuts, including peanuts, lost the most weight, found a paper in the European Journal of Nutrition. If they’re too much of a bother to chew then eat them in a spreadable format.


Your gut will thank you

Not only do they sit well in your stomach, but they’ll improve the health of your stomach itself. A paper in the Nutrition Journal discovered that people who regularly ate nuts had the lowest levels of colorectal cancer. This means your gut will stand the test of time if you regularly stock it with peanut butter.


 Peanut butter makes you smarter

Peanuts do wonders for the health of your nut inside your skull. How can they help you outthink life’s daily problems? Well, peanuts create a delta response in your brain which is linked to an improved immunity, health and deep sleep, found a paper at Loma Linda University. This means you’ll seriously improve every aspect of your life with the simple spreading movement across your next piece of toast.


The ultimate muscle builder

Peanuts are high in the right kind of fats and protein that will help assist you to build more muscle mass. The good news is that you can take this spread anywhere and add it to sliced vegetables so bump up your protein supplies wherever you go.


Peanut butter is one of the most versatile ingredients you can have you in your kitchen cupboards so make sure you use it as often as you can. It will fill a hunger gap super quickly and if you want a near instant energy boost then you can try the caffeinated versions that will give you all the fuel you need to smash your next workout.